Anticipated increase in electricity rates from 2021 to 2022 in the USA.

Energy Panel: Generation, Rates, and the 2023 Montana Legislature

Here in Montana, energy prices are rising. The amount of coal being mined is steadily going down due to a decreased demand from both China and coal-powered generators in Montana and Wyoming.

The Public Service Commission in Montana plays a key role in how quickly our economy transitions from one form of energy to a different source of power generation.

The panelists will look at the current rate case as well as the implications for Montana and its contribution to carbon in the atmosphere from energy production.

Panelists include:

Steve Loken, Dr. Steve Running, Monica Tranel, and Derf Johnson.

Steve Loken has a long experience with NCAT In Missoula and is knowledgeable on alternative energy sources, Monica Tranel has a broad history of dealing with utility rate matters, and Derf Johnson is the chief lobbyist for MEIC and familiar with what happened regarding energy matters in the legislative session that just concluded.


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