This series of events evolved from the breakfast club group when Dr. Steve Running presented his findings to the Yellowstone Democratic Study Group. Since then over thirty groups have joined to kickstart the Held v State of Montana lawsuit with a weeklong series of events here in Billings. The court case begins in Helena on 12 June 2023. Dr. Steve Running will be one of the expert witnesses in the trial.

Meanwhile, back in Billings, seven events are scheduled from Sunday 4 June 2023 through Sunday 11 June 2023. Topics include energy generation and costs, climate change and health impacts, the 2023 Montana legislature, climate change and community gardens, the lawsuits against the federal government and the State of Montana, plastics, and Dr. Running’s presentation on the current state of climate modeling.

We are in for a long slog. We are now paying for the impacts of climate change as well as trying to reverse the impacts of carbon pollution.

Organizations from Riverstone Health to a bevy of churches and fellowships have stepped up. Young adult organizations like Forward Montana. Gender organizations like the League of Women Voters and the American Associate of University Women. And of course environmental and community organizations as well. See a list of our current sponsors.

A weeklong series of events is an incredible feat of organizing. But it is just the beginning. Help us build on this moment and the momentum coming out of this event. Sign up to be kept informed of what’s happening. If you can curate content, generate memes, share on social media, volunteer to help get the message out.

The climate crisis is an existential event for life as we know it, indeed for life as we can comprehend it going forward.

Most importantly, help us build an organization to move this coordinated effort forward. We need your time and your money.

For the moment, donations should go to the “Tom and Ruth Towe Foundation”. Mail a check to Tom and Ruth Towe Foundation addressed to 2739 Gregory Dr. S., Billings, MT 59102. Donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you in advance for any help to can give us.