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The Montana Environmental Information Center is a non-partisan, non-profit environmental advocate dedicated to ensuring clean air and water for Montana’s future generations. MEIC was founded in 1973 by Montanans concerned with protecting and restoring Montana’s natural environment. Thousands of Montanans support MEIC as members, both financially and with their activism. To protect and restore the land, air, water, and life-sustaining climate of Montana, MEIC advocates, educates, and empowers people in service of a clean and healthful environment for present and future generations.

Description of Climate Crisis Work

The Montana Farmers Union reports that climate change could cost Montana’s agriculture industry almost 25,000 jobs and $726 million over the next 50 years. and the Montana Wildlife Federation reports climate change could cost the state’s outdoor economy 11,000 jobs and $281 million in income due to stream closures, lost hunting opportunities, wildfires, and reduced snowpack. MEIC feels the urgency of addressing this significant threat and has dedicated the majority of resources within our organization towards stopping the pollution that causes climate change. MEIC promotes climate action in Montana through policy, grassroots organization, and strategic litigation with a focus on: – Reducing the use of dirty coal in Montana and implementing a thoughtful transition to renewable and clean energy sources, while pushing for just worker transition and job security. – Protecting our air, water, and climate from the negative impacts of oil and gas development, burning, vehicle use, and use in homes and businesses. – Promoting Montana clean energy projects and policies, which can make use of Montana’s enormous wind energy potential. – Lobbying at the Montana Legislature for clean energy development, more energy efficient building codes to increase housing quality and lower energy bills, and better proposals from Montana’s monopoly utility. – Increasing Montana’s renewable energy access transmission lines by pushing transmission system owners to upgrade existing facilities to allow for more Montana clean energy exports or intervening in administrative proceedings to make sure Montana renewable energy is charged fair rates for use of transmission lines. Learn more:

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